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Webbie news dating

In 2004 Lil Boosie and South Coast Coalition released Both Sides of the Track.

Boosie also released a compilation mixtape title Bad Ass with a few new tracks like Trill Shit.

In the summer (July) of 2009, Lil Boosie and Hurricane Chris released a mixtape titled Category 7: Bad Azz Hurricane.

Lil Boosie also released a mixtape titled Untouchables with Lo La Monroe.

The album featured Pimp C, Young Bleed, Webbie while he also put out his first mixtape title Boosie 2002 (Advance) featuring contributions by Max Minelli and Pimp C.

Later in the summer of 2003, Boosie collaborated with Webbie on the album Ghetto Stories, presented by Pimp C.

Promotional music videos for songs from the album, such as "I'm a Dog" and "Loose as a Goose," were released.

Hatch was bestowed the nickname Boosie by his family, and he was raised in Southside Baton Rouge.

As Boosie, he has released numerous regular studio albums while also contributing to a number of mixtapes and compilations.

He paired up again with Webbie, to release their second compilation album, Gangsta Musik.

He caught the eye of some Universal Music Group representatives.

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In 2010 Lil Boosie and C-Loc, his former CEO, release Unbreakable as a Compilation CD.

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