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The government’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said equipment failures have made it impossible to cool 3 of the plant’s 4 reactors. Reuters is now reporting that Tokyo Electric Power Company has lost ability to control pressure at some of the reactors at its Fukushima II (Daini) plant nearby the Daiichi power plant (Fukushima I), both suffering from core cooling problems.If battery power at Fukushima II is depleted before AC power is restored, the plant will stop supplying water to the core and the cooling water level in the reactor core will drop. 1 reactor may be partially melting, the nuclear safety agency said Saturday.

It appears then, that central California (San Francisco) to north to the Oregon border would be in the bulls-eye for the most part.

Examples of the uses of this process are nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. It is distributed fairly uniformly throughout the body’s soft tissues. There are weather sites that illustrate this and update regularly.

Exposure may also be external (that is, exposure to its gamma radiation from outside the body). Exposure to radiation from cesium-137 results in increased risk of cancer. Environmental Protection Agency says everyone is exposed to minute amounts of cesium-137. All one needs to do is know the wind pattern from the day of release, namely, the Jet stream. The average speed of the jet is about 100 – 120 knots, or about 110 – 140 mph. The first image of this post shows the current jet stream as of post time, which will wiggle waggle throughout time.

Following the fifth largest earthquake in recorded world history, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake, has resulted in the closure of all Japan’s nuclear power reactors, one of which, the Fukushima reactor, is overheating and in danger of a meltdown if coolant is not restored soon. when you have something generating heat and you don’t cool it off or release the steam…

Reported from abc NEWS, Scientists said that even though the reactor had stopped producing energy, its fuel continues to generate heat and needs steady levels of coolant to prevent it from overheating and triggering a dangerous cascade of events.

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