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"Science" journals are not the source of authority and knowledge, and I urge Christians to remember your foundation and not lean to believe everything you hear just because it was said by a scribe. Immer wenn ein Lebewesen stirbt, beginnt eine Stoppuhr zu laufen.Then, in ANOTHER 1.3 billion years (2.6 total), the remaining half will decay.Then, in ANOTHER 1.3 billion years (3.9 total), the remaining 1/4 will decay, and so on.That's exactly the case we have with radiometric dating.I don't believe this article will ever convert anyone from religious faith in evolution, but I do expect it to help Christians stay sound in their faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ who cannot lie to us, and is the source of all knowledge and truth.How do they know the decay rate has been the same for millions or billions of years? A portion of this sample was crushed, sieved, and processed into a whole rock powder as well as four mineral concentrates. " Design Science Association, retrieved Dec 19, 2012, [ See also Hans-Joachim Zillmer, Volcanic (igneous) rock, according to evolutionists, is the best way to date ages with K-Ar dating because, theoretically, when a volcano erupts, all the argon gas is released from the rock, and resets the clock back to zero.

The average person can see a serious problem with the circular reasoning and the non-existance the geologic column is built on, so to hide the obvious, evolutionists throw a cloth over it called radiometric dating, claiming it is using the scientific method to get ages of billions of years, but it is nothing more than slight-of-hand falsely called science.In "The Carbon Dating Game," we covered flaws, assumptions, and cherry-picking in dating methods that are said to be used for up to 50,000 years, which many evolutionists still use to say the dates of the Bible incorrect.In this article, we will be going over potassium-argon dating (K-Ar) to explain the flaws, assumptions, and cherry-picking in dating methods that are said to be used in dating billions of years, and according to most evolutionists, "proof" of an old-earth.Helens, which erupted 30 years ago: They throw out an age they get if it doesn't line up with their geologic column, or more simply put, they throw out a date they get if it doesn't line up with how old they already think it is!Let's say an evolutionist gets radiometric dates of an object, and the lab will pull back all sorts of wild numbers, lets say ranging from .5 million, all the way up to 200 million, but they realize there is a fossil of a trilobyte (dated at 500 million; way up from .5 or 200) in the sample of what they are dating, so they will date it again and again, until they get a number that goes above 500 million to match with the fossil they found.

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In earth's upper atmosphere, on the edge of what is commonly called outer space, light atomic nuclei from unknown sources outside of our solar system traveling at speeds approaching the speed of light called rain down continuously.

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